Transport Services


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Transport Service

Transport Services

For decades, Royal Home Health has helped patients get back and forth when having to go to the doctor, hospital or other treatment locations. Over the years, Royal Home Health has served the public sector as well as many private organisations and individual subscribers.

Transport Service is also known as Patient Transport which is a service that transfers patients to and from medical facilities in non-emergency situations.

In emergency situations, patients are transported by the emergency medical services. Non-emergency patient transport is sometimes run by the same agency. It is typically provided to a patient who needs to be transferred to a facility that can provide a higher or more specialized level of care (though the EMS may be summoned if this is urgent). It may also be used to transfer patients from a specialized facility to a local hospital or nursing home when they no longer require this specialized care, such as following successful cardiac catheterization due to a heart attack.

Royal Home Health’s patient transport vehicles are operated by empathetic and experienced Royal Home Health officers who take great professional pride in bringing patients safely from the home to the place of treatment or transporting them between hospitals. Royal Home Health officers always make sure that patients are escorted safely all the way to their appointment location.